Supply Teachers IIkeston

If you are looking for supply teachers for your school in the Ilkeston area of Derbyshire then first 4 education can help you today. We can offer you supply teachers which are qualified, experienced and fully able to carry out the job. All of the supply teachers which we can offer your school in Ilkeston are flexible and are able to adapt easily.

Before we give you any supply teachers we will make sure that a number of checks are doing on them so that we aren’t wasting your time by giving you people who aren’t up to standard and that aren’t actually capable of doing the job. We will have checks such as GTC, background, education and medical checks all carried out before we offer you any supply teachers. If you choose us to help you find a supply teacher that is in the local area of Ilkeston or in a nearby area of the school then we will also monitor the process of the candidate that we offer you.

This is to make sure that the candidates that we do offer are maintaining a high standard in their working day. A lot of schools in the Ilkeston area fear that when they use a company like us they will end up bombarded with hundreds of sales calls from us each day of life. With first 4 education this is not the case. We understand how stressful it can be when you are trying to get on with managing a school and the tasks that you undertake everyday.

We recognise the fact that if you do need us that you will contact us, so you don’t need to worry about being bombarded with several sales phone calls from us per day. The only phone calls that you may receive from us is to ask the questions of how the supply teacher(s) that we have gave you are progressing and how they are finding it. If you are interested in our supply teachers and what we can offer to you and your school in the Ilkeston area of Derbyshire then get into contact with us preferably by phone call and we shall discuss your requirements then hopefully get started as soon as possible.